10 Myths about Websites and web Designers

February 15, 2022
Myths and facts

All websites are different and there are many myths about websites and their designers. Website designers can make some very great and visually appealing websites but there are many things that don’t represent them in the best way. They experience having to please thousands of people a day with something that they built. Working with clients that are stuck on a tight budget is something that all web designers have faced and work around as best as they can. Up keeping websites is also pretty difficult, some plug-ins for websites take days or even weeks to update. Maybe this list will help you appreciate the almost two billion websites that have been made and how you can add better, more advanced websites.

  1. If the website is really good on the computer there is no point in making it for phone or tablet usage. All websites especially in today’s society should be at the least mobile friendly, more than half of all browser searches are on a phone or tablet. Google rewards most websites that have this feature by ranking them higher when searched.
  2. Your website will be able to cater to all audiences, many people think that a versatile website can help them appeal more customers. The truth is that not all viewers of your website are going to like your website. There are way to make your website more appealing but it will not be that way for everyone and website designers aren’t able to make it good for everyone.
  3. Content is content, meaning that any content written on the website is good food for Google, which is not true. Although it may seem like content is content, Google ranks websites that actually take the time to write quality content. Depending on who the website is being made for that decides who writes the content, when the website designers are told to make the content they are only given a certain amount of information to use when writing it. Writing your own content and working with your website designer is very important to make your website the best it can be.
  4. You don’t need a website designer when first making a website. This is one of the biggest myths yet, a set of professional eyes on a website will ensure that it is as good as it can be. Even if your make your own website, try and get someone who knows what they are doing to help or at least look over everything before going public.
  5. A good website is the key to a successful business. A website is not the heart of a business even if it is an online business. A website can help a business grow in success but a website doesn’t make a business. The people behind the screen make the business.
  6. Design your website then leave it, is the opposite of what you should do. Constantly having your website designers checking and adding fresh content to your website should be done pretty often. Fresh content or theme changes will keep your customers guessing on what you will add next and they will stay tuned in for changes.
  7. Write as much content as you can even if it is all quality. There should be a medium ground of content where your viewer isn’t overwhelmed with words. Keep the viewer comfortable with the amount of information that your website has to offer.
  8. You can make a great website for cheap. Everyone knows that everything costs money, and a quality website might cost a little bit more money than you are wanting to spend. I know how hard it can be to spend the money but it is worth the money. Having a clean cut website can mean the difference to some consumers.
  9. You need to tell your whole company story on the home page. The amount of times that you can click on a website and it is only one page with content spilled on it. Websites should have multiple pages so the content isn’t confusing to navigate through. One page websites may be easy and that is something that people who use a website builder most likely used to make it.
  10. Aesthetics are more important than function. A website should be pleasing to the eye but making your website able to function properly should be at the top of your priority list. Function over fashion in this circumstance.

There are many more myths about websites and website designers, but doing your research and making sure you have a set of professional eyes will ensure that your website will be the best it can be.

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