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October 19, 2016
Blogging All Over the World

Keeping a blog can be tough – it takes time, planning, creativity, and perseverance. Beyond Private Label has a range of tips to help your small to medium sized business clients write for a blog of their own!

In general, blogging is an effective way for businesses to keep their audiences engaged and updated on what they’ve been working on. As a company that creates digital products and blogs about it, we highly recommend your clients start writing their own blog posts to feature on their website. A blog will keep the website relevant, reliable, and it will keep costumers coming back for more news. Plus, blogging adds a personal and welcoming tone to the business. It’s a conversation starter and if done consistently, will generate more business as your client continues to provide their audience with rich online resources. If your client puts enough time and creativity into their blog, eventually consumers will share the blog content with their own family, friends, and social media channels as well. There will then be a better chance your client will gain more conversions because sharing online puts the content in front of more people than usual!

It’s important to set some goals and parameters well before starting a blog. One might begin by asking themselves the following questions: how many times a week do I want to post? How long are these posts going to be? Why am I starting a blog and what do I want to accomplish? What am I even going to write about? These are all very important questions to consider beforehand in order to make the blog as relevant as possible. It will help make writing the post itself easier, too.

Writing to be industry relevant is important. If the post comes off as too industry specific, it may turn more people away than it will attract them. Instead of writing a post about specific brands a business carries, it would be more beneficial to write a general piece about the things one can do with the different products of those brands. It will appeal to more people while inspiring action and still promoting the brands. An example of this is BPL writing a general blog post about blogging, or general contemporary web trends. These are more industry relevant because they can apply to more than one type of business or customer.

Blogging keeps businesses up-to-date and relevant for their customers. Once your client gets into a rhythm, customers will begin to look forward to reading brand new insight, tips, information, and other updates regularly. Businesses should always be on the lookout for creative opportunities that will set their blog apart from the rest. Keeping a finger on the pulse of their industry is never a bad idea as it helps with the relevancy we mentioned above.

This is one of the top pieces of advice we can offer your clients: Keep the content fresh, write like you’re speaking to a friend, and be fearless in the pursuit of shareable content! The first step of starting a blog is one of the hardest parts. It’s almost more about setting aside a block of time to plan ahead and actually write the post. If your client continues to persevere and post consistently, it will pull their customers in and keep them there. If your client needs assistance with getting their content in front of their audiences, let them know Beyond Private Label can help! Not only will we build them a custom website, but we will add a page solely for their blog if they wish to frequently write about their business. Our copywriters will proofread and provide edits when necessary, too! Contact our web team at 800.900.0413 to get started today!

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