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June 9, 2017
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Since Beyond Private Label specializes in white label digital products for small to medium sized businesses of all types, we certainly know a thing or two about business brands. The websites we build are strategically crafted to incorporate each piece of your clients’ branding, including logos, colors, mottos, and other brand standards that are essential to the individual messaging.

A brand sets the tone of your clients’ business and amplifies their voice. There are four known phases that outline the typical process most consumers have when it comes to choosing one business over the other. Check it out below!


This is the very first stage of marketing a successful brand. Awareness is getting in front of an audience just enough so they begin thinking about and considering choosing to do business with your client. They’re aware that those products and services are available, but the branding has plenty of power to be the deciding factor in making that purchase or not.


During this phase, it is imperative to engage the audience as they may be seeking out other options. This might look like unique social media strategies and other digital marketing tactics that position your client’s brand as the go-to within their industry. The goal is to win over potential customers and give them plenty of reasons to purchase your client’s products or services instead.


This is just the beginning of a healthy brand/consumer relationship and it’s time to truly make it count. Now that your client has a paying customer–or paying customers–they must create a consistently fantastic experience in order to keep them coming back, telling their friends, and keeping them happy well beyond their first purchase.


Happy customers become advocates, or “evangelists,” of your client’s products or services if they follow through with their individual brand standards. Their customers will advocate for the brand if they feel the business is just as loyal to them as they are to it.

Get started cultivating your clients’ brands and standing out amongst other competitors. If you would like to learn more and get started with a new website to help your clients reach their business goals, be sure to contact the web team at Beyond Private Label today!

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