BPL Product Feature: Video Hotspots

July 27, 2016
Website Example

We recently added a new white label product to Beyond Private Label’s comprehensive list of digital marketing solutions. Video hotspots are the newest additions to our collection that create the ultimate online experience for your clients’ websites.

A hotspot is trackable content that is embedded directly into a video. Users can follow along with the video and click on these hotspots to read extra information about what’s happening on the screen. These hotspots are often linked to other areas of the website, a downloadable document, or any other place online. They may feature a PDF with extra information about the product, service, or business that is being discussed in the video. BPL’s video hotspots are guaranteed to greatly enhance the websites of your clients, making for an immersive and more engaging experience for the targeted audience.

Hotspots inspire more actions from visitors, and as mentioned, they can be tracked to see exactly what visitors are viewing most. Overall, they will lead to more time spent on the video or page, increasing engagement and traffic for your client. This technology only adds to the bottom line of any company that utilizes video hotspots to introduce their business, products, and services.

Beyond Private Label is the licensed, exclusive provider of this revolutionary video hotspot technology for small and medium sized businesses. Check out the example below to discover the exciting look and feel of video hotspots! If you would like to partner up and offer this product to your clients, give our development team a call at 800-900-0413 today!

Video Hotspots In Action!

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