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December 13, 2016
Mounting Files

Beyond Private Label has a team of copywriters who are experts in content writing and delivering your clients’ messages more effectively. We are not a do-it-yourself company; BPL does all of the work for you and your client, creating websites that drive traffic and generate more business than ever. Our experienced copywriters know content is key, and will follow a strategy that works best for your client. We can work with you to discover that strategy, and implement it into all of the right content areas of their website. With impactful content written by BPL, your clients’ websites are sure to pull in potential customers and keep them engaged long enough for them to utilize your client’s business!

Our websites at Beyond Private Label offer all of the important pages that will make up the structure that is easily navigable for visitors. These pages include the Home page, About Us, Products and Services, Contact Us, the occasional Photo or Video Gallery, plus any other page the client wishes to use in order to describe other important areas of their business. It is entirely up to your client as to what they would like included on their website. All they need to do is communicate the structure they want on their website, and we will take it from there! Below are some of the most important pages our copywriters suggest your client uses to deliver the strongest message possible.

About Us

We are advocates for storytelling and leveraging the small details that humanize a business or industry. Not only that, but this provides a thorough description of what the business can do for the consumer audience. At Beyond Private Label, we highly recommend adding an About Us page to your clients’ website. This page allows your client to flex their creative muscles, go into detail about what they provide for their customers, and touch on the important stories or missions that make up the history of their business.

Since we create content tailored specifically to your individual client, our copywriters at BPL are sure to do plenty of research about the background of the business. This covers all of the basics – dates of foundation, the founders themselves, owners, partners, and the local area they serve. These are just a few points that may be included in an About Us page, among many other details that can be gleaned from the initial consultation call and online research. BPL also utilizes an About Us Questionnaire that is often sent to your clients in order to gain even more information to craft the ultimate message about their businesses.

Products and Services

These pages get right down to business when it comes to going into full detail about what your clients can do for their customers. Here your client can showcase the merchandise and other products they sell, as well as the services they specialize in to make the lives of their customers easier. BPL copywriters will gather the proper research for any kind of product and service, and generate descriptive content that allows for the audience to fully understand what your client has to offer. We will include additional photos on these pages to make the user experience much more pleasant and engaging!

Our copywriters will present your client with a detailed About Us page, as well as a Products and Services page that sells. Along with these structured pages comes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and customizable style and tone of writing. Whatever the voice your client wants to use, we will make it happen on a custom website. Our copywriters at Beyond Private Label are experienced in the art of creating amazing content that keeps the attention of any audience. BPL goes the extra mile to provide your client with exceptional content every time – if you are interested in partnering up with us, contact us today!


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