Conversion Psychology

August 25, 2016
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Beyond Private Label is an advocate for conversions. We create our white label products with the goal of boosting your clients’ conversions, meaning the actions taken by visitors after discovering the website. Clicks, interactions, a phone call, visit = conversions. This means we carefully research and choose keywords, descriptions, calls to action, and content that will deliver the exact message your clients want to convey. We pay close attention to the aesthetics and layout of the website to make sure users are engaged and can easily navigate through the site. There are many tactics we incorporate into the creation of our sites that play into psychological reasoning, and ultimately produce more conversions than ever before.


We are experts in creating comfortable, relevant websites for a variety of businesses. Your clients will benefit greatly from having a website that maximizes usability and comfort. If a user cannot properly click the navigation or links, they will most likely move on to another website that works better. Comfort can come from inviting content, photos, contact forms, clean layouts, and the general look of the website. BPL is available to provide all of this and more to make your clients’ audiences feel at ease when they first visit your clients’ websites.


It has been proven that people are willing to give back the kind of treatment they receive. Your clients’ websites will benefit from featuring free offers, estimates, advice, and other exceptional customer service perks the business is available to offer. This even goes for how well the user can navigate the website itself. BPL keeps this in mind during all stages of website creation. In the end, your client will enjoy more business and connections since their website and services are developed in a way that allows for positive reciprocity.

Pricing Strategies

It may be valuable to discuss different pricing strategies with your clients to discover more ways to generate more sales. BPL can implement the Decoy Effect in the content of websites to outline price rates, especially those that can be listed in an odd number of choices. Say you have two different prices for two different service options. For a third service option, you can combine the first two options and add a new price option that happens to be the same as the second price option. Any person who is given choices like these is more likely to choose the third because it is the best value at an ideal price. You get both services at the price of just one. Odd-even pricing can be helpful, too. Listing things at a price such as $29.99 causes the individual to think about $29.99 vs $30, and being more comfortable with the “smaller” first number instead of the second.

Minimal Parameters

Actions are made more simply if you don’t ask too much of people. Also known as conversions, actions are more likely to occur if you lessen the pressure to actually do something, such as visit or donate. A Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University studied the donation process of the American Cancer Society. The study revealed that with a slight variation in wording came more conversions. The original phrase stated, “Would you be willing to help by giving a donation?” It was edited to, “Would you be willing to help by giving a donation? Every penny will help.” Conversions increased by around 22 percent, all because the statement was reworded to reassure the audience that any amount they can give will help the cause. More often than not, potential clients or customers want to feel useful and as though they have been a part of something positive. By giving them the reassurance that any action, no matter how large or small, will make a big difference.


Invoking urgency can inspire users to take a stronger course of action more immediately. The targeted audience should actually do something after they visit your client’s website. Urgency can be emulated by wording precisely how the client’s business can provide the exact solution the audience is looking for to solve their problem. Problems must be fixed urgently! This may be done with an effective call to action for individuals to make a call, an appointment, visit, or write a review about their experience. Setting deadlines, stating there is limited space or low supply of products can also generate a sense of urgency amongst users.

BPL can do it all! Our team will deliver you the ultimate solutions for your clients’ businesses to grow. We keep conversion psychology in mind when we craft custom websites and content, ensuring your clients are receiving the most engagement from their audiences as possible. If you would like to partner up with us to provide your clients with websites that are sure to generate more conversions, give us a call at 800.900.0413 today!

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