E-commerce and Customer Service

May 5, 2017
Digital marketing concept on office desk

When it comes to operating as an e-commerce business in today’s digital world, customer service has never been more important. The customer experience, or CX, is quite the influencer when it comes to deciding whether or not to work with a particular vendor. According to SiriusDecisions, CX is especially imperative for at least 80 percent of business to business customers. At Beyond Private Label, we specialize in creating custom websites that will up your clients’ game in the e-commerce industry. Our developers and marketing copywriters work together to create an incredibly user-friendly, conversion-inspiring website that boosts their sales like nobody’s business.

The e-commerce websites we create showcase your clients’ products or services and make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. User experience goes hand in hand with customer experience, and an e-commerce website simply cannot have one without the other. We’ll be sure to expertly wire the backend and curate the frontend in a strategic approach to keeping your clients’ customers in one place long enough to make a purchase. Our web team can even work with you to determine a plan for your clients’ reputation management, social media engagement, and responding to questions or requests.

We encourage your clients to think about the way an online presence works for their current or prospective customers. Be sure to work with them to set up social media profiles or pages, claim listings, and regularly check in to make any updates as needed. BPL works with e-commerce businesses in all of these areas, in addition to our custom websites and other digital products. If you are looking to take your clients’ customer experience to the next level, you have come to the right place. Contact us at Beyond Private Label to get started!

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