How do I change white label website providers?

December 18, 2023

Changing white label website providers can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  One of the first steps is to clearly understand “what you don’t like about your current website provider?”  

Here are some of the reasons we hear why people start looking for a new white label website provider: 


#1 – Your current website provider doesn’t talk directly to your customer – They only take the information from you and your sales reps and then try to build the website with zero communication from the client.   Having a middleman in-between your web team and your customer can be very problematic.  The web team hearing what a customer wants directly from their mouth is critical to success.  Having someone else “interpret” what the customer wants,  especially a person that doesn’t work on websites all day long, is a bad idea.

What to look for in a new white label website provider – Make sure the website provider is highly experienced at speaking directly with your customer, as if they are an internal department of your company.   Has the white labeled website provider mastered the art of being customer facing?  Being a top white label website provider means you have been working directly with end customers for many years, and you are a master at doing it in a fully white label manner.  It is an art form and most white label providers don’t do it.


#2 – My current provider takes too long and misses deadlines that were promised – This will not only make your customer furious, but your salespeople won’t want to sell any more websites if your provider makes them look bad.  

What to look for in a new white label website provider Make sure a new website provider clearly lays out how long things will take, get it in writing, and make sure they have a history of hitting deadlines.  Business owners are busy and if you tell them something is going to happen in a certain timeframe it better happen.   If you talk to your sales representatives and ask what they want in a new website provider, they will undoubtedly say they want someone who does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it!


#3 – What do I do with all the websites my current provider already made for me, do I switch those too? – Many white label website providers build their websites on “closed platforms.”  A closed platform means you can only take the pictures and content with you, but the website files must stay where they are.   That means your new website provider may have to rebuild each one of the websites onto their platform, and depending on who you select that might be expensive.  Many times a provider won’t tell you that you and your clients website will be built on a closed platform.  Website providers do this to make it more complex to move your existing websites to another platform. 

What to look for in a new white label website provider – Find a website provider with a proven “open platform,” one that gives you and your customer: control, flexibility and many options for robust functionality.  You shouldn’t be hand-cuffed to a provider on a closed platform, that makes it harder for you to make a switch if service doesn’t measure up.  Great service, clear deliverables, open platform and a highly experienced team that can communicate directly to your customer in a white labeled fashion, are key elements to your success with a white label website provider. 


#4 – What is the first step to making a switch? –  Based on what you’ve read in the 3 examples above you should have the juices flowing on both what you want in a new white label website relationship, and what you don’t want.   Make your list of what you want in a new provider and then take your search online.   Look for a white label and private label website fulfillment companies.   This is a big decision so spend some quality time looking for the right fit, make sure they have white label procedures and programs in place, as well as in writing to ensure everything you want will be provided.   


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