How Graphic Design Plays a Part in Your Digital Marketing Efforts

August 9, 2016
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Most small business professionals who are in charge of their own marketing understand how important graphic design is to their campaigns, but others may not see how graphic design can affect their overall marketing strategy.

Graphic design ensures consistency for your brand. It helps people recognize your brand and content when you use the same logo, colors, and fonts.  When you implement design consistency across platforms, it helps visitors spot your business quickly by recognizing a trademark font, color scheme, or image.   These elements can often make or break a marketing campaign, so it is worth the investment for professional design.   Beyond Private Label will seamlessly integrate your client’s brand standards to their online presence.

Design elements can also raise awareness for a specific product or service. When potential customers see a well-designed campaign, it shows them you are professional and pay attention to detail, which builds trust in your brand and products. You should carry the same image through every campaign and social media site utilized by your client.   For social media, for example, the same logo and header photo should be utilized on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.  Your client’s custom design campaign can set them apart from competitors if it is engaging and geared toward their target audience.

Finally, a website design that includes the graphics, colors, and fonts will deliver conversions. When paired with a call-to-action, potential customers take that action—subscribing to your email campaign or calling to order one of your products—and become actual paying customers.

Beyond Private Label has experienced graphic designers on staff, along with developers, copywriters, and SEO experts who all work together to create effective website designs for your clients. Each website not only includes high quality graphics that are consistent across your client’s website and social media pages, but also easy to use navigation, relevant keywords, prominent contact information, branded emails, and much more. Contact us at 800.900.0413 to learn more about what we can do for your small business customers.

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