How to Promote Your Website

September 5, 2019
Online Marketing

Building a mobile friendly, highly intuitive website is just the first step in building your online presence. Once you have your website, promoting it and gaining exposure become the next steps in a successful website. Getting your website out there for everyone to visit doesn’t have to be expensive and confusing- in fact, all it takes is some strategic use of social media, regular content updates, and utilization of keywords to reach your target audience. Beyond Private Label and our team of web experts can not only help you create an amazing website- but also give you helpful tips and tricks to get your website ranked well with Google and create traffic to your website.

Social Media

Whether or not you like Facebook and/or Twitter, they are proven to be useful tools in gaining revenue for your business and attracting visitors to your website. Not only this- but social media can also help you make business decisions and gain feedback from your clients. Facebook pages provide a forum for dialogue between customers and the brand, which is extremely useful when relying on your customer base for revenue. Maintaining a social media account to accompany your website can help you acquire new customers and drive web traffic as well. As a Facebook page grows its fan base, traffic to the company website will increase. That being said, if you choose to advertise a social media platform for your business- it is extremely critical to maintain and regularly update your social media accounts. A Facebook or Twitter page that appears unattended may not provide the professional appearance a business may want.

Blog Posts

Maintaining a blog for your business not only shows people that you know what you’re talking about, but also helps provide potential clients with more information regarding your specific services, your business, and anything else you would like to highlight. Google and other search engines also like to see regular updates on a website, so maintaining a weekly or even a monthly blog shows Google that you take the time to add information to your website. Probably even more important than that, however, is showing your clients that they can trust you and have confidence in your services. Regardless of the reason for creating your company blog, there are readers on the other end that will hopefully see your blog as a useful, trustworthy source for expert information pertaining to your particular field. Having a blog present on your website builds trust within existing and potential clients, helps your search engine ranking, and also builds credibility for you, your brand, and your business.

Targeting Your Audience

If you choose not to write blog posts for your website, there are other ways to update your content and help achieve a better ranking in search engines. Re-writing content, advertising special events, regularly updating coupons, and curating a gallery of frequently updated photos are all ways to show Google that your website is attended to on a regular basis. When re-writing or updating the content on your site, it is important to use keywords that highlight the target area and demographic. In order to successfully do this, it is important to find demographic information on keywords you want to use. Doing this involves understanding the type of people you are targeting your business towards, the areas in which you are targeting, and also what type of product or service you are providing. Frequently implementing these keywords throughout the text on your website allows search engines to index your content and increase your odds of being found in searches.

Let Us Help!

Beyond Private Label excels in creating websites that utilize cutting-edge designs, graphics, and content that are guaranteed to create revenue for you and your business. After the website is created- we can provide helpful tips and tricks to keep your web presence strong, as well as provide training on how to make your own updates to the website. We help you become your own web expert! For more information regarding Beyond Private Label and how we can help you, call or contact us today!

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