Is Changing/Updating your website killing you?

October 21, 2021
Web developer at computer

Updating website content can dramatically drop your ranking in different browsers especially google, considering google uses content to rank websites. Most changes are bound to have an impact in rankings, the rankings do fluctuate very often. Changing these three things could drastically impact your google rankings, changing content including H1s, adding new pages with low quality content, and the theme of your websites content. Changing any of the following things on your website affect your SEO very heavily.

Changing or updating content on a website could be doing the opposite of what you think it will, changing the wording of content is recognized by google and it is not taken very lightly even if the content is somewhat connected to your business. Writing website content should be coming from your web team and if you don’t have a web team you’re hurting yourself even more because, they help with writing content that google really likes. Logging in to google analytics will allow you to see your ranking in organic searches. Comparing the old URL’s and the new URL’s will let you know what pages of content that you changed made you rank lower. If you have one you can use your backup data collector to rewrite the old content if you chose to or keep the new content and wait to hopefully move back up the rankings.

Adding new pages will change your ranking because you are changing the overall size of your website, and if there is random or poor quality content then it is as though there is empty space and google really dislikes empty spaces. Good ways to tell if the page is needed is to check the content, if the content isn’t relevant or unique then get rid of it google will only congratulate you by ranking you higher. The page should satisfy the user’s needs not just look like there is more content.

Changing the theme of the website is probably the biggest mistake to make, and by theme the business services is meant not the background to the website. If a websites service has been home interior design and the business creates a new page advertising that they now interior design office buildings. Google will take a while to recognize the new service that the business provides, the google ranking will be sure to fall but will most likely bounce back depending on how popular the original service or product was. Changing website material is sure to change the google ranking and SEO, but if changing the content is useful to your business then it should be fine.

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