Discovering the Best Keywords for Your Clients’ Websites

May 24, 2017
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Beyond Private Label specializes in SEO to ensure your clients’ business websites are ranked higher in search engine results and found by more users searching for certain products or services. Through Moz, we have learned there are 3 specific steps to discovering the best keywords to use within their content.

Step 1: Leverage different keyword research tools for a variety of suggestions

BPL utilizes a wide variety of keyword research tools. These are essentially search engines that help us discover new keywords or phrases that would help rank the website, based on one keyword that is entered into the search bar. Our team has found the following very useful in our own SEO planning, creating, and auditing:

These are free resources – check them out!

Step 2: Choose keywords that line up with different types of search intent

This step doesn’t necessarily require a specific tool. Instead, it takes a lot of planning and brainstorming to determine a wide variety of key words or phrases users might be entering into their search bars (also known as search intent). As Moz puts it: “What am I trying to accomplish with my SEO and with my content?”

The key here is matching a number of different types of search intent based on your clients’ web content. If they’re selling a certain product such as custom stationary, it might be beneficial to leverage “buy custom stationary” or “custom stationary designer,” as they are more specific and offer greater variety.

Step 3: Gather keyword metrics and prioritize them based on goals

In this step, we gather data to see where we can do better and what types of keywords or phrases we could add to the content for greater optimization. Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a great tool to view metrics that include average monthly searches, ad groups, and the volume of how often keywords might be searched. This type of data helps us better target the most effective keywords and create a better search engine experience.

Watch the full video here. At BPL, we love Whiteboard Fridays and encourage you to check them out. To learn more about what we can do to optimize your clients’ websites, be sure to contact the web team today.

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