Maximize benefits while Traveling for Business

January 15, 2023
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Why should you want to travel for business?

Traveling, whether it’s inside or outside of your country is a great way to get inspired as a person and gain knowledge on different places. You experience different ways of life, even if you are only a state or two away, the way of life can be completely different to what you are used to, but it is a great thing to experience a place that feels foreign to you. The business side of travelling is more about relationships and building them rather than what people think of as just a business deal. Networking is what most people are doing when they travel for business, and being able to adapt yourself to a group of people at a conference, then proceeding to become a friend to them and this will grow your company because more people know about you. Some people are also looking for exactly what you have so be talkative and communicate what your company does and continue to build relationships with people. Travelling for work will get you out of your daily routine and it will give you something to look forward to that is being provided by your company.

How to travel frequently and efficiently:
The way to travel efficiently is to stick to one airline alliance, this means that they have partnerships between airlines to gain mile on more than one airline. Stick to one major hotel networks, like airlines there are loyalty networks that also do the same thing as airlines. Lastly, be flexible, everyone knows that travelling is not always fun because of the actually flying or driving part. Whether it’s a lone plane flight or it’s a canceled flight, be flexible with travel dates and look for things to make your experience better.

When booking flights or hotels, if your employer allows you to make your own arrangements. If they do you can use airlines and hotels that you have loyalty programs to and in turn could maximize your points and miles. Don’t waste your employer’s money, but booking a more expensive flight or hotel could give you the most rewards. While you should never waste or overspend your employer’s money, if you are required to pay for your own meals which is rare, bringing food could always be a way to save money or talking to your employer to pay for the trip entirely.
Many companies will send groups on a trip looking for ways to benefit you personally. If you are the one who arranges the plans, you are able to get points for your personal account for just being the planner. Most hotels are the same and you are going to get the same facilities aby way, why not pick a hotel that gives you the most benefits in points or monetary value.

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