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December 24, 2018
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The way people surf the web isn’t the same as it used to be. Instead of big and ugly desktop computers, people are using stylish, high-tech cellphones and mobile devices in order to shop online, browse the internet, and more. In fact, it is estimated that more than ¾ of the world population is using mobile phones. With mobile devices on the rise, the process behind web design has undergone somewhat of a facelift.

Businesses that do not have mobile effective websites to represent themselves are not tapping into the portion of the population that is about twice as active online then those who use only computers. Ignoring the decline of desktop usage is costing small to medium sized businesses a significant amount of exposure. Having a website merely show up on a mobile device isn’t enough – User flow and accessibility are just as important as having a website at all. Mobile devices have smaller screens that require different needs not typically addressed with older websites. Content, images, layout, structure, and more all play important roles in garnering successful leads for your business.

Desktop vs. Mobile

The very obvious difference between a desktop and a mobile device is the size of the screen. A smaller screen size requires different approaches when designing a website for mobile devices. On a desktop, there is more space for content and images, as well as various design elements. Mobile platforms are more limited with what can all be displayed at once. Because of this difference, content is typically altered and images prioritized. Websites designed for desktops allow for more content without having to continuously scroll to read it all – the opposite can be said for mobile websites. If a potential customer has trouble navigating your website or cannot find information easily, the likely hood of them continuing to view your site decreases dramatically.

It has been found that 25% of mobile web users are mobile-only, and therefore many individuals may never even see your website on a desktop display. It is important to have content displayed in a clean, easy-to-navigate way that doesn’t leave your potential clients scrolling endlessly through pages of hard to read information. The same can be said for pictures on your website. Incorporating images onto a website is highly-recommended and commonplace in web design, but one must be careful when considering mobile web layout. Too many images will have visitors continuously scrolling through a crowded, bulky website.

Mobile Effectiveness for Increases Visibility

Tablets, smartphones, and other web-enabled portable devices are in the hands of an increasing portion of the population. Without a way to reach this market, such as a mobile effective website, a huge consumer base is not being reached. Beyond Private Label can revamp your current website to create a beautiful, user-friendly platform to showcase your business and all you have to offer. The ways in which we create a mobile friendly website include:

  • Strong call to actions
  • Contact information is neatly displayed
  • Photos are clear, relevant representations of your business and content
  • Photos, text, and structure are modestly displayed
  • Website layouts are modern and pleasant to navigate
  • We keep the users experience at the forefront of all web designs

While other websites fail, we guarantee yours will not! Contact Beyond Private Label to give your old website the boost it needs to succeed.

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