The Power of Mobile-Friendly Websites

November 17, 2016
New on a Tablet and Phone

With every website Beyond Private Label creates for your small to medium sized business clients, we make sure it can be accessed via mobile device. Our designers and web developers will go the extra mile to optimize the website that will allow it to work on any sized screen, especially those of the mobile variety. This is also known as Responsive Web Design, which ultimately makes your website look and work great on the screen of any mobile device – tablets, laptops, iPhones, and Androids alike. Click here to read our blog post about this unique design tactic! The power of mobile websites is all about driving the on-the-go traffic to your clients’ websites.

About 80 percent of users are now accessing the web via smartphone. At Beyond Private Label, we create websites that are simply and clearly laid out to create the ultimate experience for current and potential customers who are using a mobile device. We prominently display the contact information and navigation, as well as add Google Maps to contact pages to make it easier for people to simply click on as they look at it from their mobile device. The directions will be pulled up immediately and their system can lead them right to the door of your client’s business. It is crucial each of these features can fit onto the page of a mobile website. If a user cannot navigate the site or easily find directions and call the business, they may move on to a different website that actually works.

Mobile websites make your clients’ business accessible from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. Since users can get on the website no matter where they are, it adds even more accessibility to the business and makes the basics very clear: hours of operation, phone number, where they’re located, and other important information. Users often take on the responsibility of researching for the products and/or services they have in mind – your client should strive to deliver all of the crucial details to make sure the user will choose to purchase from them. An efficient mobile website will deliver the results your clients need to cover all of their online bases.

We will work with you and your client to make sure the website is mobile-friendly and suitable for the online marketing strategy. The team at Beyond Private Label specializes in creating mobilized solutions to broaden the audiences of your clients and pull in the busy customers who are more likely to browse the internet via mobile device. Having a website that can be accessed on a mobile device will make your client stand apart from the competition, especially if the competition websites are not optimized for mobile use. If you would like to learn more about partnering up with BPL for effective mobile websites, give us a call today!

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