Safe ways to send e-documents

February 15, 2021

How do you securely send sensitive files and documents over the internet? Below are a few ways to accomplish this.



If you’re sending multiple files, you can compress them to a zipped file and protect it with a password. WinZip can encrypt files while you create new Zip files (.zip or .zipx) and it can also add encryption to data in existing Zip files.

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DigiSigner is an excellent way of securely sending files over the internet.

Upload your document and insert a signature image, then invite other people to sign and receive a notification when they are finished. DigiSigner is easy to use, reputable, and trustworthy.
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Set the recipient’s permissions, file/folder expiration, and the notifications you want to receive regarding the shared files.
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iFax is an online faxing system for your document, featuring secure end-to-end encryption. Your file will be fully encrypted from the moment it is sent until it arrives on the device of the receiver.
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Sending sensitive documents over the internet shouldn’t be a worry. Using any of the above methods will ensure that your sensitive documents arrive at their destination safely.

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