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April 6, 2017
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As you might already know from following the Beyond Private Label blog, we offer both Search Engine Optimization  and Search Engine Marketing to add to your clients’ websites search engine friendliness. These practices ensure that the websites we create will be found easily and generally be more relevant to users because of the key digital strategies we incorporate for each business. BPL strives to utilize the most effective keywords, tags, descriptions, and content that will drive more traffic to your clients’ websites than ever before.

Content, Content, Content

Content keeps the audience engaged, if crafted with expertise and leveraged with specific keywords. Beyond Private Label’s team of copywriters will research, implement, and create content to strongly deliver your client’s message.

This is where SEO comes in – we use keywords based on business location, industry trends, fresh terms, and a combination of these that a user may be typing into a search engine to look for products and services your client may offer. The organic content and keywords on the website will make it more likely to be picked up by search engines and placed higher up on the results page. This goes for SEM as well; SEM is a paid ad campaign that will show up in the sponsored section of search results. We will choose strategic keywords for those campaigns as well, ensuring they are placed in a spot with high visibility to search engine users.

With amazing content, SEO, and SEM, users are bound to find and click on your clients’ relevant and content-rich websites through search engine results pages!


Proper links allow search engines to easily find your clients’ websites, ultimately giving it greater visibility and accessibility through search engine results. BPL will ensure your client has natural links leading to their website, meaning the web works in such a way that other websites will help determine the content on your clients’ sites as valuable to users. In turn, the links will be included higher up on search engine results pages because the content within the (natural) links are user-friendly and helpful to visitors.

Lastly, Beyond Private Label will make sure your clients’ websites have a logical link structure. Every page will be reachable from at least one static text link, which makes a large impact on the accessibility of the website. Plus, this adds to its search engine friendliness because a website that is linked properly will be more likely to have a higher place on results pages. It also helps with SEO and general user friendliness as the audience can easily navigate through the content and see all of the relevant pieces potential customers need to make a decision.

Our copywriters and developers have the expertise to provide you with the content and structure your clients need to drive more online traffic to their business website. We would love to partner up with you and begin the conversation about meaningful, effective content that makes our results stand out from the rest. If you would like to get started with offering user and search engine friendly websites, give Beyond Private Label a call today!


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