Selling Websites – A Huge Opportunity & Why You Should Consider Outsourcing

September 21, 2018
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Websites are a must for every business in 2018. The public uses websites to research a business’s products and/or services, to find phone numbers, location details, etc. Consumers rely on websites to ensure that an SMB has the solution that they’re looking for – and because most small business owners are not also web developers, there is a huge opportunity for agencies like yours to offer web development services. Once you have control of your clients’ website you own the relationship!

With this said, not every agency has the time and workforce to devote to building websites. This is why agencies can benefit from outsourcing their web development, so they can focus on their core products as well as offer a digital solution that every business needs.

After all, while it may seem like everyone is online these days, there’s still a huge market for agencies to enter. In fact, a large percentage of businesses still don’t have their own website. Of these businesses, 30% cite cost as a barrier to having their own site. With outsourced web development, your agency can offer web development services for a lower cost, without having to factor in the cost of hiring, training, and maintaining a team of in-house developers – not to mention that an outsourced team will enable even a small agency to scale their efforts as demand grows as well as make recurring bottom line dollars.

In addition, 17% of businesses with a website don’t have a mobile-friendly site. However, mobile traffic accounted for over half (52.64%) of total global online traffic in 2017, which is growing daily. Since Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in their results, and nearly 8 in 10 people will leave a website if it doesn’t display well on their mobile device, businesses can get a huge boost to local search and conversions when their website is mobile-responsive. SSL Certificates, which are now required by Google for security reasons, are also nowhere to be found on the websites of many small businesses. Outsourcing web development to a professional team means that your agency can offer SMBs the benefit of well-designed, secure, SEO-optimized, and mobile-responsive websites for less cost and at higher scalability.

With a large market and growing potential to expand your agency’s reach, services, and sales – outsourcing your web development can allow agencies to get their slice of the pie. Is your agency ready? Visit us online to find out more about outsourcing your agency’s web development services today!

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