SEO, Google, and You

April 2, 2019
Tablet Searching

It’s been found that 92% of adults who use the internet utilize search engines.

This statistic alone proves that search engines are one of the top ways in which people spend most of their time online and emphasizes the importance of Google and other search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others index all of the world’s information in an attempt to make it accessible online. The same can be said for you and your website content- how do you create copy that Google loves and is optimized for other search engines?

Writing for Websites vs. Other Formats

Creating copy for websites can be viewed as an entirely different art form then say, writing for an article or print ad. In most cases, when an individual chooses to read an article in a newspaper or magazine, they have their attention captured by bright images, cover art, and catchy headlines. When creating copy for websites, this content has to be readily available through search engines or else it will be buried in the millions of other websites available online. One must write content that attracts search engine users to their website while at the same time creating content that is useful, contains substance, and provides readers with value.  

Websites must contain words within the copy that draw audiences in to view their content. In other words, in order to have successful SEO, websites need to contain words that individuals are searching. Unlike magazine articles with impressive graphics- websites must be found by the quality of their content and the verbiage used.

Prioritizing Keywords

Optimizing your site with appropriate keywords depends largely on the type of audience you are trying to reach. The industry your business is related to, the types of issues you and your business deal with, and ultimately what your potential clients may be searching for online all play a role in the success of your website. Research may need to be done when determining appropriate keywords to utilize, but being able to anticipate specific words and/or phrases your readers are more likely to use goes a long way in your website’s Google ranking. In fact, Google uses your keywords when determining your ranking. So, keyword-rich content does more than just draw in readers, but improves your position with Google as well.

Title and Meta Tags

Although not directly related to your Google ranking, title and meta tags go a long way in convincing potential readers to visit your site. Title and meta tags help give readers a quick overview of what your website has to offer- the more keywords within your title and meta tags that relates to the topics they are searching for results in more visitors to your site. Even though title and meta tags do not effect Google rankings themselves, a higher visitor rate indeed does improve your position with Google.

Let Us Help!

You and your team have invested heavily in the success of your business- let the professionals at Beyond Private Label not only build your website, but write stellar content to help improve your ranking with Google! We are able to take information provided by our clients and create website content that is not only engaging, but also Search Engine Optimized. We will consider all aspects of copy, including creating useful title and meta tags that will draw in and provide more visitors to your website.

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