What to Share on Social Media

January 12, 2017
Social Media In a Phone

Social media is all about personal branding when it comes to business posts. When you compare Facebook timelines, generational divides separate our social media habits. Life choices are the biggest reasons to share or not to share something on social media. As business owners and/or social media professionals, what we post should not include personal life photos at bar close, societal commentary, or political posts. One should keep in mind what will be best for your business, keeping social media feeds appropriate to the business’ message and branding. So, that begs the question, as a business, what should your clients share on social media?

Businesses can post about new industry trends, what types of new products their business has come out with, and various ways they choose to connect with their audience. This might be through conferences, seminars, or personal meetings with clients. They can grab the viewer’s attention with interesting details about relevant news articles, come up with clever catch phrases, and much more. If your clients keep social media content interesting, their customers will in turn visit the client’s website and potentially utilize the business. Social media is worth the time and effort, as it helps build an online presence. The right content will help you create social media posts that stick with your audience. Your client will learn how to leverage platform specific tools that will enhance posts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other channels.

At Beyond Private Label, we offer social media management along with our partners. This service includes regular posting to varying social media platforms about daily operations, company news, and other fun updates that are related to your client’s business. Keeping things appropriate and on brand will protect the business, as well as give it that human feel many customers can appreciate. BPL creates a balance of posts that include information about personal, business-related, and industry specific news. We will continue to provide your clients with post-worthy content every week, including information about new products, services, and brands they carry, along with any updates they wish to share with the audience. Our professional team of copywriters, web developers, SEO experts, and entrepreneurial experts will work with each individual business to customize what posts will successfully promote them on social media and what the company should steer clear of. If you are interested in working with our digital team, contact us to learn more about what we do.

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