Team Building and why it’s important

February 1, 2023

While most people believe that team building is not worth their time and boring; it is actually used to build trust, encourage communication, and increases collaboration. This allows more business to be done during the everyday work day because the team is able to work better together, which makes work get done faster. Company culture will be much better when you have more engaged employees after doing team building skills. It can be a very fun thing for employees if the right activities are done with the right group.

The most memorable team-building days are days that you either don’t feel like you are at the office or days where you are actually not in the office. Spending time together and sharing experiences allows for bonding time that actually happens and feels like organic, genuine time together. Do not schedule something as simple as a company picnic. Spending more money to have your employees be able to work better together is definitely worth the investment, not what some businesses call a waste of money. Allowing them to get close in a place that doesn’t feel like the office or isn’t the office could be things or places like:
– Having certain teams and having a golf outing with certain people from different parts of the company playing together.
– Escape Rooms are a lot of fun, especially the ones that have multiple challenges to trick your brain and help the employees to need to brainstorm as a group.
– Even just having some things like supplying a lunch every week or every other week from a restaurant or a food delivery service.
– Doing a murder mystery either on virtual or in person, this gets people thinking and involved because most people like suspense.
– Have a poker night at the office or a casino night at the office where you can win prizes, and just give your employees a fun time to be more connected to the company.

After doing a team building activity you should keep your positive energy going in the office and keep enthusiasm in what you do. Also making sure your employees stay energetic and enthusiastic is a very important way to keep them excited about what they do and who they do it for. Doing a daily meeting is also important in seeing how everyone is doing and how much energy they have; see if you can build them up if they need some more energy or motivation. Talk about goals and set goals for the office as a whole and a have personal or team goals, try and track progress to the goals during the meetings.

If there was some sort of laughter or a sense of excitement, and maybe even some social media posts; then you will know you were successful. Keep things interesting, fun, and specific for your group and you’re team will be more successful.

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