The Benefits of Testimonials

November 23, 2016
Young man who might be writing a customer review or testimonial about a business

Deciding whether or not to include customer testimonials on products and services can be a tough choice. It might inspire many positive words and excitement, or rather unfortunately, it might bring out a few unhappy individuals who might have had a very different experience. Beyond Private Label understands how stressful that can get; however, we promote incorporating a page for testimonials on the websites we create for your clients. We will be sure to highlight the enlightening, supportive comments over the negative ones – this can help your clients gain traction in the industry, add to their credibility, and generate more business. Read below to learn about how testimonials can help your clients’ businesses!

It can be very beneficial to incorporate a fillable form onto your clients’ websites for customers to submit their testimonials. First of all, this creates conversation – the rapport between business owner and customer is important for building relationships and repeat conversions. Customers who want to reach out and share their positive story are more likely to return for more products or services from your client! Additionally, if those words are featured on the website, others will read them and be inspired make their own purchases as well. It will ultimately boost sales and business, as well as create a unique user experience for the audience.

Testimonials are a great way for your clients to build credibility and make a name for themselves in their industry. Personal success stories about the business will create a sense of trust amongst its consumers. When your clients leverage these positive testimonials, the audience will take it as a sign that they will be just as happy as those who shared their great experiences. Your clients will then enjoy wider audiences and even more happy customers.

Many consumers will do a significant amount of research before they make a purchase of any product or service, and testimonials can definitely make or break a transaction. If the user reads reviews or stories that are positive, they are more likely to go through with the purchase. It is all about utilizing the positive testimonials your client receives, and kindly responding to the consumers who were displeased with what they received. It is imperative the negative messages are taken care of promptly and addressed with a solution that better suits the customer.

One of the most important things to remember is honesty. All of the glowing testimonials or customer reviews your clients receive and feature on their website should continue to be backed with the same results every time. If the audience reads that your client’s business will clean up after a landscaping job or provide high quality dish towels, it is crucial that the business delivers just that. Your client must see to it that each and every customer receives exactly what they read about on the website. Otherwise, it is more likely that any traction, credibility, and conversion of leads will be dramatically affected.

Beyond Private Label creates exceptional digital products that deliver the results your clients require in order to run their business website. Our team of account managers, developers, and copywriters will make sure your clients are effectively leveraging the positive testimonials they have received and in turn, gain online traction toward success. If you are interested in partnering up with BPL to add a page to their website that is dedicated to customer testimonials, give us a call today!

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