The Most Important Element in Web Design

September 16, 2016
Responsive Websites

For anyone involved in the web design world, especially those who sell websites, you may be wondering: what is the most important thing in web design? There are several answers to this question, which means that there are several elements that make up a successful, responsive website. Here we’ll explore just a few answers to that very question.

The homepage is arguably the most important thing in a client’s website design.  This is where the value of the products or services is driven home, encouraging prospects to stay on the website, and go on to use the company’s products or services. A well designed home page includes prominent contact information in the header and footer, a banner image or dynamic slideshow, logo, easy-to-use navigation structure, and straightforward content.

Speaking of content, one could also argue that interesting, keyword-rich content created with search engine optimization in mind is the most important part of your website’s design.  Content tells the story of the business itself, the products and/or services, what makes the business stand out from competitors, and much more. Good content sets the website apart from other businesses like theirs in the industry, delivers the right message to potential customers, and can include taglines and slogans that are directed toward the customer. A call to action is also important. In addition to written content, the images and videos chosen for the site are also essential to creating a complete, unique, and successful website design.

Another one of the most important things in web design is to make sure each page can be reached from at least one static text link.  Viewers should not have to search high and low for the information they are looking for. They should be able to click on a link and easily find specific sections of the site, including anchor links to various sections of a products and services page.

Aside from elements of the website itself, one of the most important things to remember when creating a website is that it is not an end product, but rather a method of conveying information to your customers. That means regular updates should be made to the site to keep the content fresh and ensure your specials and promotions are up to date. Maintaining a website with regular text, image, and other updates is just as important as the initial build and design. When potential customers visit a website and see that it has been updated recently, it boosts the company’s credibility, and they will be more likely to take an action such as requesting a quote, placing an order, or contacting you for more information regarding products and services.

Beyond Private Label incorporates all of these elements and so much more into every website we create. Our experienced designers begin with an original homepage mockup, created specifically for each client’s business. We have a team of copywriters who create interesting, industry specific, and keyword-rich content to promote each client’s services. Continuous updates to each client’s site are available so you’ll never have to worry about your design or content getting “stale.” We also include static links creatively embedded in the content upon request that align with the client’s specific content. BPL also offers ongoing technical support throughout the design process and beyond for as long as your client hosts their site with us. To learn more about the benefits we have to offer as a trusted digital products partner and how we can boost your bottom line, contact us from our website or by calling 800.900.0413 today!


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