Three Ways Customers Are Driven Away from A Website

September 2, 2016
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Our digital team at Beyond Private Label creates websites that bring success to clients’ businesses, and we know there are a several ways you can end up driving customers away from your site. Our experienced developers know how to avoid factors that don’t attract visitors, but instead cause them to leave prematurely. Here’s just three things we DON’T include in our websites that ensure the client’s site will be attractive to potential customers, rather than a site they will never want to visit again.


We do not include blaring, cheesy music that automatically plays the second you reach the home page. It’s rarely enjoyable when a website makes you want to hit the volume control the second you log in. If a website plays a sound any other time than when users explicitly ask for it, you may be driving away customers. If we do include music on a website, it is only when visitors opt to play it, such as when it’s part of a promotional video.

Premature Registration

One point of a small business website is to collect information from potential customers, but make sure you can convince visitors to hand over their details. Asking them to register for anything right off the bat will just throw them off, cause them to close the pop-up window, and most likely, go to another site. If we include any type of registration for products, services, or promotions on the site, we ensure visitors have ample time to go through the site and decide if they are interested in sharing their personal details before we hit them up with a request.

Stale Content

If your site’s design is flawless, but the content is stale, customers will not come back to your site for a repeat visit. You want to reward them with fresh content frequently, and a blog (such as this one) is a great way to do this. Some sites try to avoid this by simply putting up an under construction page. While this seems like an easy alternative, it will do the client no favors. It simply sends the message that the site doesn’t get updated as frequently as it should.

Beyond Private Label creates sites that do not include these features because our experienced team of developers know advanced techniques for making your website work. Our sites have outstanding design, creative layouts, dynamic color schemes, and much more, all designed according to the clients’ preferences. The content we write is full of keywords, creative language, and industry specific information. We understand the music is simply “fluff” that our sites don’t need. We only include music when necessary or requested, and we use registration features wisely. If you are interested in partnering with us to learn more about our web design process, please visit our website!


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