What is the benefit of adding ecommerce to your website?

May 15, 2021
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Basically, ecommerce is a virtual store.  Examples of ecommerce would be Amazon and eBay.  These examples do not have brick and mortar stores, however, an example of a large ecommerce that has brick and mortar stores would be Walmart.com.  Ecommerce can be used by both small and large businesses.  Things you need to consider when introducing ecommerce are:

  1. How will you deliver your product?
  2. What is the tax implication?
  3. How would you handle a large surge in business?
  4. Will you limit deliver areas?

Why is this important?

There are huge benefits in adding ecommerce to your website.  It is a known fact that, with ecommerce, you can reach a larger group of customers and increase sales with the power of your website.   Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic the world increased their dependency on the World Wide Web, making this an even more critical aspect to your business.

Things You Need to Know to Improve Your Google Rating

Your website needs to be secure.  You need to have an SSL added to your site to increase its security.  This is protocol for your browser and the servers that will require authentication, encryption as well as decryption of the data.

Maintain a high quality website. This seems like a no brainer, but you need to review your website, at minimum quarterly. Your website needs to be easy to use as well as visually appealing to attract customers.  Review this on a regular basis.

Make sure your website is optimized.  You can use Google Page tool to bench mark your website.  Every second of lag time you are losing customer.  Optimizing images can assist with speed as well.

Ensure that your site is mobile friendly and response.  Also keep in mind that typically over 70% of your customers will be viewing your website on a mobile device.  It needs to be responsive so that a full page is viewed not a partial page, the images and text need to be sized appropriately as well as easy to interact with on these devices.

Using Google Analytics. This is a free service from Google and will provide you with invaluable information to understand what is and what is not working in attracting customers to your site.  By fixing any issues, you should increase the volume of customer engagements.

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