Whiteboard Friday Review

November 10, 2016
Ideas and Thoughts for Writing, Content, and Websites

Every week, Rand Fishkin of Moz creates helpful and data-driven videos on what he calls Whiteboard Friday. As we create white label digital solutions at Beyond Private Label, we have often found a plethora of tips in many of Rand’s videos. Our team does a significant amount of research on a wide variety of topics within the online marketing industry, and Moz has become one of our favorite resources. One video in particular is highly geared toward our team of copywriters; in this video, we learn all about how to leverage different content tactics for optimal success. Read our thoughts on the matter below!


At BPL, we push for creativity. Our content is one-of-a-kind and cannot be found anywhere else. This is near the very top of the modern criteria list for content, and some of the most important criteria when it comes to writing something fresh. No one really wants to read recycled thoughts or unoriginal ideas. Our team of copywriters will do plenty of research before writing about a business or topic, and they know far better than to plagiarize (not even partially) another person’s words.


This one almost speaks for itself. BPL is all about being helpful and providing top quality solutions to meet the needs of our partners. The websites and other digital products we create have one goal in mind: having a strong impact on searchers and regular audience members alike. We want to be helpful in every way possible, which is why we make sure to research and pay special attention to detail while we create effective and helpful products for your clients.

Uniquely Valuable

In the words of Rand, “I’ve seen this before, but never like this.” That one line can apply to a variety of different things when it comes to online marketing and other digital solutions. Being uniquely valuable is a characteristic BPL strives for while we build websites, implement design and brand strategy, and add riveting content for end users. It is crucial these pieces stand apart from the rest and provide information or usability that cannot be found anywhere else. We work to make a meaningful difference in the lives our partners and their clients, as well as the audience they focus on. That is the beauty of being uniquely valuable.

Great User Experience

Finally, the website must simply work. Rand states the website must be “pleasurable” for the audience to read and digest, which is something we pay special attention to when we create products for our clients. We make sure to use responsive web design for fluidity across devices, clear navigation, plenty of linked content, and a neutral, brand-oriented design. A great user experience will only keep users on the website and fully engaged.

Rand covers all of these important tactics in this video and we couldn’t agree more with every single one of them. We are excited about what we do. Our team is dedicated to providing your clients with professionally crafted websites and other digital products that inspire more conversions than ever before. If you are interested in partnering up with us for white label digital products that sell, contact us today. Then, take a break and watch Rand’s video here. Enjoy!

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