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The Guide to More Website Traffic

June 30, 2022
Traffic thermometer

Organic Traffic Research: Looking for your competitor’s keyword rankings can give you a huge advantage in what specific keywords bring the most traffic to their website. To look at this information you are able to use a website service called Ahrefs, which give you the information you need. To access this information sign up toRead More

Getting to Know Your Customers

May 15, 2022
Career concept about Getting-to-Know-You Questions with sign on the page.

Getting to know your customers is very important, not only because it establishes a relationship with the customer and it may ensure that they will continue to buy your products. For small businesses especially, creating a reason people to come in your store for something other than just getting products, it is something that rarelyRead More

What is Video Marketing?

April 15, 2022
Video marketing

Most people have seen a video on YouTube or some other video streaming platform. The truth is that those videos is that they all have some sort of video marketing included within them, this includes the ads before the video and all of the paid promotions throughout the video. Videos are very easy to connectRead More

How to identify “Pain Points” and how to resolve them

March 15, 2022

A specific problem that a consumer has of either a topic or your company, any problem that a client has with a business can be considered a pain point. There are multiple types of pain points as well; financial, productivity, online research, and product cost are all examples of areas of pain points. There areRead More

10 Myths about Websites and web Designers

February 15, 2022
Myths and facts

All websites are different and there are many myths about websites and their designers. Website designers can make some very great and visually appealing websites but there are many things that don’t represent them in the best way. They experience having to please thousands of people a day with something that they built. Working withRead More

How to keep your website at the top of Google

January 13, 2022
Content marketing

Say you want to keep your website ranking well with Google but don’t want to spend a butt load of dollars on an expensive SEO package or pay an advertising company an insane amount of cash- what’s a girl to do? Turns out, there are some relatively EASY and COST EFFECIVE things you can do!Read More

What You Need to Consider Before You Outsource

December 28, 2021

When outsourcing a company hires another company to over watch and aid an activity or project, this usually means transferring employees from one firm to another to work on the project. This could either be onshore or offshore meaning that there is one team in two different countries. Offshore outsourcing is done because there isRead More

Is Changing/Updating your website killing you?

October 21, 2021
Web developer at computer

Updating website content can dramatically drop your ranking in different browsers especially google, considering google uses content to rank websites. Most changes are bound to have an impact in rankings, the rankings do fluctuate very often. Changing these three things could drastically impact your google rankings, changing content including H1s, adding new pages with lowRead More

Networking – Cuz you got personality

August 12, 2021
Networking illustration

Meeting new people and learning about new businesses in a comfortable setting is known as networking, along with this comes trying to create beneficial relationships and the hope for possible partnerships. This is done through networking events where different representatives learn more about products or businesses in order to possibly build a partnership. These eventsRead More

“I just opened my business, now what do I do?”

July 26, 2021
Business people high fiving

Once you open your new business there are many things to do to make sure your business thrives. There should be three main priorities to focus on when starting a business, the first being a Marketing/Sales team or strategy, if there are no customers who are interested in your products there will be no revenue.Read More

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